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V for Vibha !!

21 March
For those who have read my previos bio, I was a simple next door girl,but i have re-invented myself lately.
People love me after the first 2 conversations and start hating me after the 10th. (Numbers averaged and approximated)
Some tolerate me for an hour,some for a day,and some for months,but no one can tolerate me for a life time and thats why i am still single. :D
Edit: There is one who can and Im married to him now :-)
I love simple things in life - lappie,mobile and camera *wink*
My friends always say nice things about me (when held at gunpoint).
I have no best friends,but some friends who are the best!
I get immense pleasure in making others believe that i am a sweet soul,but i am very much evil inside
I have a multiple personality disorder.I am sensitive,foolish and silly during daytime and sassy,intelligent and smart when i sleep.
I dont know how to eat with a knife and fork and i prefer chocolate icecream to vanilla.

I appreciate good sense of humour and talent in others.Once upon a time,i was hyperactive,but i am very lazy these days.I'm very much unpredictable and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Other than that,my interests include reading Sci-Fi ,Medical Thrillers and Tinkle, some experimental cooking, painting(not houses),writing nonsense quotes.